I was "allergic" to someone

Any time I was close to them, touched anything they had touched, my entire body would break into hives. I dont know if its related to them not being vaccinated, or parasites, or some type of bleach used but I feel like its the person themselves which is very strange. I’ve never had an allergic reaction before to anything I have very few allergies, this person and I cannot be around each other. I have the people cut off/blocked. Its weird how he would do anything to try and keep me there with him while my skin would just grow itchier and itchier and I would have lumps and pain, and start sweating and itching so much I had to leave. The last time I had to treat it with internal steroid medicine. Someone told me it was scabies, but I looked it up. Does that type of rash set in so rapidly? I mean like in a matter of seconds my entire body seems to go into shock. But no matter what they do it seems like I am allergic to the person and nothing can or will change it. Some people are not meant to be around each other.

I think it was a warning, omen. I dont want to get too “spiritual” but as far as supernatural I believe in karma and souls. I was talking to a shaman online today who also has schizophrenia, but he could pin point so many details and truths beyond any fake shaman or normal person could. Its because he’s not conditioned by this filter of normality…i mean why make any meaning of anything at all if its just to be rolled over by someone with more authority or reason to crush your spirits.

Its sad how the powerful arent able to conceptualize the nature and meaning of being a good person, nor do they rationalize to reason the purpose of serving anothers means. We have lost ourselves. I was drawn to this person by mistake, karma. Karma was what it was. Karma for pride. Its not a good thing this omen, its sad–but I dont know that I can fix what it is going on if I am allergic to the person Im drawn to.

The shaman told me today that I need to learn to discern between those who are worthy of being helped and those who are cheap and use/would turn my help into spinning wheels of uselessness and distract me from my true cause.

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I was afflicted with a lot of allergies as a child. I was always blowing my nose. It really sucked. I had allergy shots for half a year and it decreased my allergies. I was supposed to get them a whole year. One of my mother’s failings, but she did more for me than anyone else ever. She got me Medicare and Medicaid. I was too crazy at the time to fill out any forms.

Maybe it was a sign to stay away from this person. Just don’t dwell on it though. Gotta try to not think about stuff too much.


i have paranoia so i tend to think everyone is against me. which makes me allergic to all peoples. i eventually talk to people but i avoid it. i like girls thou. they are sweet. i cant love thou. i dont trust anyone

I’ve been there, but it passed after being medicated a while. If you are paranoid I would discuss this with your doctor. The medication you take might not be the right one if it doesen’t help you stop these thoughts.

I mean sure, you shouldn’t trust everyone in this life, but when you trust no one, something is wrong.

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my paranoia is strong. i normally dont feel it because i avoid social interactions. meds work but not to the point of trusting someone. so as a consequence i can never be in a relationship. it has kept me out of jail thou back in my pshycotic days. it is funny, i would get insane as fu.k but my paranoia would never let me slip with law enforcement. so i am good with it. it serves a purpose.


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