I was actually SINGING this morning

After having studied music, it never occurred to me to just enjoy singing at home. This morning I opened up with song - and a female voice. It’s like - NEWS!


what was the voice(song) about…!!!

Are you female ?

I was feeding the impatient dogs with a take off of Peggy Lee’s song. I sang “Well alright, ok, you win, I will feed you now.” instead of “- - ok, I’m in love with you.” Yes, I’m female.


@chordy, that’s awesome. :grin: You seem to have reached a higher plateau in your life recently (from my perspective anyway) and I’m happy for you! Cute rendition btw. :microphone:



You really need to get in touch with your surroundings. @chordy has been posting here for years and you didn’t know she was female?


singing really does soothe the soul :slight_smile:

keep it up

I have made a little more effort to be kind since they took me off the forum for a day. It was because everybody “needed a break from your negativity.” It’s helped me for sure. It means a lot to me to stay on the forum so I was willing to cooperate.


I just signed a multi-million dollar deal to cut a record with Sheryl Crow.

Can’t get this out of my head and sing this often

Congratulations on singing and being female! I suppose, congratulations to everyone else that applies to as well.

That’s ■■■■■■■■ they took you off the forum just for that!!!:-1: