I was able to organize my office/craft area today

I received the plastic chests of drawers I was waiting for to help get stuff put away so I could find my desk and get organized. So all those silk flowers have a home now. I need additional shelving and bins for other craft items and more silk flowers to complete the space. I’ll be getting that soon.

But it’s pretty good so far and hey at least I managed to get one thing done today because other than that I barely moved. I really should try to get laundry done but I just don’t know if I can get that motivated.


I ordered a new office desk chair over 3 months ago from an ad on Facebook, and I still haven’t received it. well, that’s 40 bucks gone.
I recommend buying in person.

Can you dispute it to the credit card company?

I don’t think so. it was a debit card.

I really wanted that too, great back support.

Oh boy, that’s unfortunate. In the future maybe do it through a service like PayPal that offers some purchase protection. They’ve saved me from a few sketchy FB sellers.

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That totally sucks

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