I wanted to win more than I wanted to have friends

When I was 6, I was obsessed with winning. I went to a birthday party and got so focused that I won all the games we played. I remember a girl looking at me like “why are you being so tough?” I was just copying my father is the answer.


I had the opposite problem. I wanted friends more than I wanted to win. People who want to win more do a lot better in life I suspect.

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But people that support intrinsic values (community, relationships) over extrinsic (money, winning) tend to be much happier.


I never wanted to win and as a result was never ambitious either. My sister on the other hand is the opposite and has been very successful in life.

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here lately i have just wanted to be great at something… for instance i know people that have trophies and what not and i feel like i havent won anything in my life that i can think of… i was trying new hobbies to see if i could make money off it as like a small business as a hobby but i never could make good enough products that people wanted to buy… to me having a profession would be a win for me even if it is a home based business self start up. cant even do that.

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