I wanted to upload one folder to Google drive

It all depends how expensive it is/difficulty in upgrading -technical and otherwise.

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Sorry its not too technical. You just gotta shell out a bit more cash for a faster net - instead of moaning about it fella.:slight_smile:

I’m not moaning. That wasn’t a nice thing to say.

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Sorry just saying mate. Im 100% sure theres fibre in your area. No hard feelings :slight_smile:

I just get nervous with anything new for me .

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I know you don’t like new things, but I think you sometimes imagine things will be than they are.

Internet modems come with instructions on how to install them, and some providers offer to install it for you for an extra fee.
It’s worth looking into :slight_smile:

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Unless I’m on the manic side , which I haven’t been for ages , I don’t have much self confidence .

Google drive seems to be more buggy than a dead man lying in a bath for a fortnight . Stops uploading, and I have to start the uploading again . Bar showing progress isn’t always visible …

Mate if your not gonna upgrade your net, which will do the trick. PM me your postal address and I WILL BUY you a 4TB external sent to you from amazon. Call it an xmas present. x

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