I wanted to sleep with Mommy

But Daddy was in her bed. Damn.

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My son likes to sleep in our bed. But it gets tight and no space to move when he does.

My Mom was a lady on the move. My Dad sleeps more then my Mom so he was always easier to nap with.

I used to use my kid sister as a blanket. I would go into my parent’s room and take her out of her crib and lay on the middle of my chest. She was so warm. Her little head was so squishy.

What DO you mean by “squishy”. Soft? I don’t know babies very well but I do know they have a skull.

The skin on baby heads are really sort of loose and it can be pushed around and squished to one side and the other. It’s like their skull hasn’t grown into the extra skin they are given. Most every baby I’ve held has loose skin on their heads. I can’t help it… I have to lightly squish their head.

^^^^ hahahahahaha epic.