I wanted to be a hermit years ago

But no one would let me. Probably because I had a very disabled, grown son. That, and I was too old in my 40’s and 50’s.

Now, I realize that I am now a full blown, urban, secular hermit. I am fully celibate and have been for years now. I live alone in my new apartment. I am surrounded by other apartments with people in them on all sides and even when I sit out on my love seat on my balcony in nice weather, and all kinds of people walk by, nobody ever says hello to me. Which is perfectly ok by me.

I don’t want to talk to anybody because I probably have nothing in common with any of them. Besides, it goes against the principles of being a hermit.


This may not be the same thing but I used to fantasize about becoming a Buddhist monk. But opportunities in the states are very commercialized or in other words you need to spend lots of money to stay there and then the heads of the monastery will consider your request.

You actually wanted to be a hermit? Lol why?

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Hermit- a person living in solitude as a religious discipline. The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love!

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Nothing to say. 15151515

So that I can live in solitude, silence and contemplative prayer. Like I’m doing now, for the most part.

I am basically a hermit now too. I live on a pretty busy street and just sit in my apartment working most days. Order food and groceries. I go into work but rarely. It isnt good for mental health imo, you just end up thinking too much

i’m lucky that i live with my parents so i see somebody every day but otherwise i would live like a hermit too.

I live with people here in the house. I only go upstairs to them when I’m making tea or coffee or to eat something. I think, since years I haven’t sat with them regularly. But all they do is drink alcohol and yell around about how bad it is for them.

They yell so loud if they talk that I can hear it to my room everyday. Now it is nice here because one guy drove to Poland, and the other guy has no one here to talk and yell loud with him.

I am a non religious hermit now, but anxiety and paranoia hold me inside rather than discipline, luckily there’s a whole modern lifestyle based around staying indoors thanks to the internet.

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