I want women

I want them , they are beautiful :stuck_out_tongue::joy::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


What other qualities do you like in a partner?


Funny 15 characters

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Down to earth…

I don’t know… what if I tell the qualities

Women are good, I do not want sex, but it is good to talk with them sometimes.


I think a sexbot that looks like a woman would have been best for me when I was considering it. I didn’t want children, felt I had nothing to contribute to the relationship, felt I would be dependent on her, and that she would find someone better. So I didn’t need the woman, I just felt I needed the sex.


honesty goes a long way with me, regardless of the questionable nature of things.

i could easily see myself in some alternate reality where my partner is robo chick… but she’d have to be a biosynth or android with not necessarily empathy… but enough perception to know the true weight of experiencing things in this universe.

I’d be lying if I said physical attractiveness doesn’t matter, but I would give a lot for a woman with whom I could communicate with satisfactorily. That doesn’t necessarily mean she has to be intellectual, though I think that would help. There are just some women I feel comfortable with, and others I don’t.

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There’s a lot of stiff competition to get beautiful women.

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I like women too but for whatever reason I can’t wrap my head around them. Idk. I guess I just like my own company. Strange? Yes. Crazy? No.

What are you all pansexual?


Girl in the yellow shirt!

A fair amount of guys do. Wish I had some means to socialize with the possibility for a relationship. I didn’t take advantage of opportunities in HS where there were dozens of females my age and a few that seemed to like me at least a little.

Used to love that song. Now I can’t listen to it. I think it would make me sad.

Don’t we all 15151515

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