I want to work

like arent there programs for people who want to work but lack the resources? I’ve been trying to find any and cant in wv.

Governments of all respective countries would prefer their citizens to be working, pay taxes and contributing to the economy.

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It seems rigged…I cant get a credit card, loan, anything…if it was in their interest for people to be busy working at warehouses etc. then why not uplift the people so they could perform their jobs/tasks it would make things better.

A credit card and loan is based on your credit score. Usually financial institutions and government determine a person’s credit score by how much debt they have and the ability to pay back. Warehouse work is decent but is not meant for everyone. Citizens of a country are divided by the income they receive, source of income, tac bracket and occupation.

Uplift the people???

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I would tolerate hallucinations, while employed. What else is there?

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SSDI provides a 9-month trial work period. This allows you to try to work without risking your benefits:


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