I want to trash my old habbits

I am scared to say I don’t hear voices atm, because it would be too good to be true, if I’d never hear them again.
Anyway, this thread is about some habbits I have. The most annoying thing I do, is kind of building myself a road to walk through. Ok, more describing sentence would be “I build plans and push myself really hard to take these actions”. I want to trash this habbit. I’m sure that you have heard about “Free Will”. Well, even tho I think we may have some kind of free will, then still . . . we are oftenly out of the power to control, what is happening to us.

I need to stop forcing my consious and start taking baby steps and slowly getting back to where I was before scizophrenia. I make electronic music - I am almost on the level of Professionals. But I have wasted so much time by fighting against the voices. I am 35 years old - I’m still young, but I still have dreams to complete. I’m optimistic though about my future. Now, I’m going for a walk and then make a bit music. Take care!


Quite a few of us are musicians on this forum…

Could you play us one of your tracks? :slight_smile:

It’s a sorry state. I’m getting more bad habits instead of breaking my bad ones.

I think that’s the reason so many people are against meds. They don’t see a benefit when they are gaining bad habits. Sad thing is the bad habits happen regardless of your sign or your medication level. It’s all 1 big coincidence and I want to follow my own plan. In fact I’m 100% positive that with or without my diagnosis and with or without any medicine I would still pick up bad habits.