İ want to study biochemical engineering

Since i get very high score from state exam i m fantasising about study biochemical engineering.i mean lot of doctors were uncapable the get my score in this exam and this make me confident about my dream.that success make my dreams come true i guess.i think with tonnes of hard work i can study in that field.at the end what can be the worst thing if i try anyway.in turkey university cost very cheap.they don t put me in a jail just because i want to study biochemical engineering anyway…i want to try :pray::crossed_fingers:


I think you should go for it. If it makes you :blush:


Hey man, I was undiagnosed and psychotic for the last year of my degree, and I still passed somehow.

You got this. You know you have issues, and you have us as well. Go for it and don’t look back

Mental health can be managed if you’re aware, and most countries that’s half decent will give you some slack if you can approach student support services

These campuses are pretty liberal in that way


Thank you @roxanna @Joker .i really appreciate your supports.that s mean a lot.:sunrise_over_mountains:i mean that field is crazy interesting for me.lot of pure creativity.i really love to be study in that field.


Good luck @Dustypages!

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Thank you @eighteyedspy23 :sunrise_over_mountains:

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I had a roommate at school who was studying chemical engineering. He was up until 2:00 - 3:00 am every night studying. He sweat blood for his degree.

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That is enough reason to study it right there. If you can afford it, you have the grades for it, and you find it interesting, then go for it! The worst that can happen if you try is that you don’t get the degree. If you don’t try, you definitely won’t get the degree.


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