I want to stay home

I don’t want to go to dinner tonight with my husband and his family. I just want to stay home. They will judge me. I have not showered or even washed my face.


Tell them how you feel.

I feel you. I wouldn’t want to go either. :t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:

Last time I had familiy reunion I instantly booked a flight and a hostel for a thing I wasn’t going to do. For one week.

That’s how much this stuff makes me want to avoid it.

I have been really struggling to shower lately

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I’ve been struggling to shower, too. Last week when I was in the hospital I told them I took a shower when all I really did was to turn the water on and sit for 10 minutes on a chair…I wanted them to document my good hygiene even tho I didn’t actually shower.


sorry you don’t feel like going…I hope nobody gets mad at you…it’s your right to stay home.

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