I want to see a psychologist

I wish I could afford it but it costs 200-300$ to see one. I’m working so I’m not covered under disability.

If you are working why don’t you have insurance?

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If you are paying cash you should get to see one for about $100. Shop around.

Me too. But Medicare only pays for invisible ones.

Some therapists have a sliding fee schedule for cash paying clients. I saw one for $25 per session. Shop around

Psychology?.., Blinks Given…, Resting…, Word Life…, Connected?.., Life?.., No… :pensive:

My health care from work only covers up to 500$ dental and half my medication. I still have to pay for it too. 60$/mnth

I live in a small town, there are only three psychologist available.

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Could try online doctor…

Your insurance sounds like a bad deal.

It was, I wish I hadn’t gotten it. I can’t terminate till the year is over.

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