I want to post a link?

I want to post in a box like others instead of just a blue link. How do you do that?

Not sure I think the site can read some links then presents the box, others just stay at the link

I believe you’re wanting to post an image. Go to Google Images or Bing Images (stay with these two because many of the other image sites have viruses and malware which will effect our members’ computers).

Go to Bing Images, and type in the search bar for what you’re looking for. Right click the image, left click “open in a new window” then right click the image and left click “copy.” Left click out of Bing Images and return to schizophrenia.com

There is a tool bar on top of where you reply to posts, and the fourth one from the left is “Hyperlink.” Left click Hyperlink and you’ll see a rectangular box. Right click in the rectangular box, then left click “paste.” You can view the image in the preview box on the right side of the reply box. If you like the image then click “reply.”

It’s that simple! :confounded:

That’s totally up to the site you’re linking - it’s not something that users here can do on their own. Wikipedia supports that function, for example:

(this was the page I got when I clicked “random article”)

But most other sites don’t:


No special trick involved or anything like that.