I want to play Age Of Empires online competition but I use linux

I want to play Age Of Empires online competition but I use linux


I would of thought there would be a forum for AOE to post questions like that. Seems more appropriative then to post on a SZ forum but that’s just me.


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This not about playing the game

this is about sharing thoughts with you guys / friends

It’s a popular game so I thought you would share your aoe game experience here on this forum

Sorry I must of just presumed otherwise. A touch of mondayitis I guess. Was also the thing though. If enough people start jumping up and down to get support with AOE online for Linux. You might just get it.

Install ‘WINE’, or Google ‘linux wine’, that might help. Wine allows you to run some windows programs on Linux. Wine stands for ‘Wine is not an emulator’ I think.


what flavor of linux?

I use Sparkylinux XFCE 64bit and in my humble opinion Sparkylinux which is based on Debian Testing is one of the best General Purpose Linux if not the best.

I have already installed AOE-HD using Playonlinux app which is properly configured in Sparkylinux out-of-the-box / by default.

I just can’t install the other app voobly to connect it to online. Any way you should know the pira… word.

Can you not run a virtual?

That’s perfect idea. I need the Windows ISO and then I am caught between two Worlds. I don’t want to finish dual degree M.Sc but I have exam on July 7th. Never prepared and I keep thinking I want to play but I find myself not playing. I want to but unable to show interest unable to be motivated.

Dual boot. Problem solved.

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I keep thinking I will not return to Windows unless I have lots of money to waste on gadgets.

Just partition a naked version of windows to a size that wont let ya. I don’t game so I can’t relate to the rest. Good luck.