I want to move home - Poll

Should I do the following:

  • Wait until you pass probation at work
  • Do it now, with a risk of the chain falling apart if fail probation

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My main reason is to get a garden for my doggo


You also know it’s smarter to wait until you can afford to live :grinning:


Yea, but I think Mason will have a better life with a garden.

When I am working he can have that freedom to go outside without me having to take him


Maybe you can start by visiting towns/cities to see if there is something you like up North.

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When you say you want to move home, do you mean to your parents house?

No to my own place but with a garden for the dog

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Ok. I think you should make sure you have steady employment first

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Yea, I think it’s the right thing to do first.

Moving is expensive, and if anything went wrong I’d lose loads of money

Its sweet you want a better life for your dog, but if you think about further down the line, you could be risking your own safety with potentially going homeless if you cant find another job, which would be way worse for the dog too.

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I guess what I have at the moment I can afford. Moving would be expensive, and cost more to get a garden

If for whatever reason I went back on benefits, I would be in an even worse position than I have been this year with the deficit


You really need to take your time for big decisions.

Moreover, you can’t take risks with your finances and need enough of a buffer for things that could happen.

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I was wondering what IDGAS stood for, but after seeing who chose that option, it became clear as day :smiling_face_with_tear: @LevelJ1 :kissing_closed_eyes:


My buffer is nearly gone

Never went out when I worked before, so I saved everything

Luckily I did otherwise I’d be screwed!

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:rofl: i had no idea what it was either but i figured YOLO


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