I want to move abroad

It is most important for me to be as privileged as the most privileged members of society,
and in Israel I feel like a second class citizen.
I will be on the move as soon as I can.

I would give you a helping hand except I have a bad back. Just out of curiosity, where exactly do you want to put her?

Privilege means that you are taking or keeping what others do not have for whatever reason.

Stay in the middle for now because you don’t know what goes on up/down there okay.

Just be patient and stay in the middle somewhere. You’ll be fine there if you can be there.

But know this, if you go so far up you are going to see some ■■■■ you may not want to see. And once you are in you are in, no way out. It might actually be quite dangerous up there don’t you think?

I support a flat society, where is no top.
I don’t want be above or below anyone.
This is not good advice , because you imply that a pyramidal hierarchy is all right.
I support, and will promote to the best of my abilities, a society that is flat in terms of all terms of privilege.
Formally the principle of equality is promoted as good, all people are equal, but there is a problem with
the implementation of this principle, in some countries more than others.
All people should have an equal opportunity to shape society, not just one man one vote,
but truly shape society. You and me should have no less influence than the owners of news TV channels for example.

I want to move abroad too, but, I don’t know where to move to. I know it must be a Spanish speaking country. Most probably Mexico. I’m so unsure of it though because I don’t know how I would get my medications there. I have dual citizenship there. Would I be eligible for their health care?