I want to make music

And sell it online , I want my tunes to play on radio…but now I am studying web development …hahahaa

You could do both. I’ve seen your art. You are very talented. I think web development is more stable and realistic.

@anon48059102, All I can say is that I wish you luck. It is extremely hard to sell your own music in todays music marketing environment. Practically impossible. I tried it for four years and never got anywhere. But, I wish you luck. You never know until you try.

I wud like to hear a schizophrenics music. I think we hav a unique experience of suffering. I tried making music for awhile but I got paranoid that people wud think it was terrible so I stopped. It didn’t help that my voice is really bad

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@Imaillusion, Go to www.MyOwnAnthony.com and there you can listen to this sz’s music.

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These days most people stream rather than buy. Put it on a streaming service and see if you get discovered.

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Yes, this is true. It’s all about the number of plays today. Composers write and record for no compensation now. And that’s why I quit composing.

Thanks I’ll check it out

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Web design would be better. Less pay than a web developer but less technical. I guess you would have to create logos and design the graphics of a site. I’d imagine you’d have to learn photography, Photoshop, and work with programmers.

@anon48059102 you said you have a degree in marine navigation.
Why don’t you set sail on a ship? Work on a ship?
It sounds like an amazing fate.

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For less than 20 bucks:

You already got the computer, internet, and interest.

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Thanks for reply

To create music and to sell it first of all you have to work very hard…

Secondly I will make music for fun

I cannot sail due to sz … you have to pass medical exam test to sail on ship it’s dangerous job… you have to be very healthy

Idk I am thinking to buy some books about making music but my mom disagrees with that she says I will not make music.

Great music. I like the emotion in ur piano playing

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