I want to make friends

Hello guys!
My name is Annie. I am Russian currently living in South Korea. I am 25. I want to make friends with whom I can talk sometimes. I feel like I need someone to talk to who understands my struggle because none of people I know actually gets it at all. Meanwhile I prefer the people to be willing to develop and grow.
What am I up to recently? I am supposed to be searching for job now as well as studying Korean language. Need somebody just sometimes to cheer me up on that.
Generally I am very kind person although might be a bit shy(i am actively working on last one). Also you can count on me for support.
I love drawing, piano and movies.
You can ask me any questions you like :slight_smile:


Hi @Annie, we don’t encourage skype conversations, as it can lead to enchanging personal information and that might be dangerous, this is the internet afterall. But feel free to interact on the forum and make friends here, sharing your story and your issues with us.

We also have a private message system you can use here.

:slight_smile: Good luck with living in South Korea!

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Hey Annie. I can chat with you sometimes.
My problems are similar to yours, except i am living in my homecountry :P.
I am 26 years old also kind person but not shy :).
I am diagnosed with schizoprhernia, but i am not suffering from any delusions, i am just suffering
from ^side effects^ of schizoprhenia such are sadness and positive emotion numbnes, in other worlds i dont
feel much of positive emotions which is hard to live whit. Other bad side effect i am sufering from is that
i change my mind alot, not by my wish …it just hapens. I can be fully motivated to do one thing for a week, but week later i change my mind comepletly…i think differently than week before, my world view is different. But one week later i think better again. I can say i am going from positive thingking to negative thinking. Thats why i cant have
regular job, which is makeing me even sader.
But i am not losing hope.

p.s i am an guy

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What’s ur diagnosis @Annie…???

Hi @Annie! It’s nice to meet you. You should totally hang out here. We have lots of fun on these forums.

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Hey @Annie

Welcome! Have never spoke to a Russian before.

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Welcome Annie. I would like to live in south korea or visit there if I only knew the language. My mom made me take Korean lessons as a child but I never picked up on it. Are you living in Seoul? Do you like Kpop? I bet they play that music everywhere.

Hi Annie,

The fastest way to overcome shyness is to talk to all of us at once!

I guess you already are doing that though, so good for you!


Friends are overrated.

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Sounds like you’ve been burned by someone in the past. I hope you can come to desire having friends, its a desire that i desire, if that makes sense. Being a loner is not fun, I would know.

Isn’t a nomad kid of like a loner? Someone who just wanders from place to place without really settling down?

Ya I was a social outcast before I got sick and I am a loner to the end, that’s just how I roll. Life is simpler that way.

A nomad is a stranger to the earth. Not neccesarily a loner. Also don’t take my username too seriously, its just a fun name.

I had several close friends until I moved schools at 14. Since then I’ve kept contact with one, my best friend, and we still are tight, both of us almost being 20 now.

But, @eduvigis you can’t know if you don’t try

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i stopped hanging out with one of my best friends in middle school because i was mad he broke my phone and then denied breaking it. How stupid of me, what a waste. We were tight, we used to drink Monsters every day of the summer

realizing that were hijacking @Annie’s thread. welcome Annie.


I’ve tried before, too much stress and upkeep. I used to be able now I can’t because I have poverty of speech, it doesn’t come and go I can never converse. So I just avoid everyone and post on the schizo forum, and I’m not unhappy. I haven’t had a real friend since elementary school.

You’ll find someone likeminded down the road, you’ll have different opinions on this in ten years, thats my call. i used to hate people and did everything i could to avoid them, now i need them more than ever.


My diagnosis is schizophrenia

It is nice to meet you here Anje. So sad to hear you have problems with emotions numbness. How long since you have been diagnosed? What medicine are you taking?
I also have the stuff with changing my mind too quickly. It is like one week I want to be a psychologist and another week I am considering becoming a pastry cook. Annie decide already huh haha

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Hi ninjastar! I will have a look. But I already like it here. So many replies and people are so friendly

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You made me laugh) thanks

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You have got a chance now :wink: haha