I want to learn how to work

This is something my parents couldn’t teach me. I don’t know how they got by - with positions, not jobs, I guess. I can look back at them now and think “That’s not how to work.” with tensions and tantrums. Anyway, I need to start with the very basics.


you could try doing some arts and crafts if you like that, i have been trying to make jewellery lately (albeit very slowly) and its really fun and you might be able to sell some things if its good enough and make a bit of money,

basically all i needed was a piece of wire, some beads and some bits and pieces to hold it together, i made a little bracelet for a 3 year old last night within 10 mins and i took a pic and sent it too her and she loved it, it even has a magnetic clasp just incase it gets caught in anything,

anyway sorry for going on, its more of a hobby than anything, i got into it because my aunty started it and now she’s doing the swarkovski crystals, i went to the bead shop and bought a starter kit and after a while i picked it up and tried it, something like that might be cool for you


I’ve heard that if you find a job that you love you never have to work a day in your life.


I’m so glad for you that you found this interest. I have lots of ideas of what to do, it’s a matter of getting my mind together enough to begin. I want to take it slow and easy, not just get all jacked up and can’t wait to get the job over with like what usually happens when I have to do something.

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Sounds like a good idea :wink: :smile:

If I could make money “under the table” I would…hard to find someone just to pay cash for services…