I want to learn a new language

I want to learn Estonian. I found a singer I was listening to that inspired me.


That’s cool. I hear Rosetta Stone is a good system to use for learning languages


Probably get a book.rosetta stone seems expensive.

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Good idea. It might take your mind off your problems occasionally.

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Lol, one last question: what country speaks Estonian?


I like german…

duolingo and memrise is great.

LS! My native language is Dutch. When I was 11 I went to a gymnasium and they taught me six languages: Dutch, Latin, Old Greek, English, French and German. Daily I practise my French and my English. I also tried to learn Moroccan Arabic. I picked up some Italian and Spanish. My English is level C2: I have a Cambridge Proficiency in English qualification. LearnIng a new language is often recommended for brain health. The older you are the more difficult it gets to learn a new language. It might land you a job too. Good luck with Estonian!


Good luck!

If you ever decide on another language, I do NOT recommend Danish. It’s super hard and has tons of nuances even natives struggle to understand.

I hear the app Duolingo is good for basic learning

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