I want to hug you if you have depression

Depression is by far the worst of all symptoms in the sz universe. I have had two depressive episodes in the 15 years I’ve been ill. The first was right at the point I got sick and lasted 8 months. It was torture just trying to see another day. I’ll have my mini depressive spells where I sleep too much and feel askew. These usually last a week or two but aren’t life threatening. A year ago in November, I had my second depressive episode. I thought about ending my life every day for about a month, it was nasty. Now that I have some perspective on it, I want to offer a hug to anyone with depression-- it is the pits, remember to always seek out people (or pets) who are willing to give you a hug. I believe the simple act is the best remedy for it… pills too but don’t quote me on that. If you suffer from depression, let me wrap my arms around you and hold you tight. It’ll be alright as long as you don’t let go


I had deprfession in my 20’s. Just keep the chin up. It will pass, just takes times, and take it asy watching th etv or something

I feel proud to say after fighting with depression my whole life and severe depression for 8 years…i haven’t had a depressive episode in 3 weeks since raising abilify. The closest I came was becoming sad because I had never realized how much sadness I was living with until I became happy. That thought made me sad🐹


i am in deep depression but i dont want to take anti depressants at the risk of it getting worse and feeling suicidal…ill stick with weed if i can…

Anti-depressants can do wonders…

they also can drive you to suicide