I want to hire a private investigator

These people are after me. They are 2 cartoon characters and 2 girls, one who said she’s from my high school. She has people harassing me. And I have people in my body. They are not nice. I want them to leave. It’s getting worse. I don’t want them living in my body.


Are you on meds right now? Maybe you should talk to your Dr. About how your feeling


I’d like to help you @see121 , but I’ve told you many times that their are not people living in your body. That’s not possible. It’s also not possible for cartoon characters to be after you. They are not real.

The only thing I can suggest is what the previous poster suggested. Talk to your pdoc and/or therapist and make sure that you are taking your medications.

I honestly don’t know what else to recommend. You need help from professionals.


@naturallycured . I don’t think suggesting additional delusions is helpful. Why would you even suggest such a thing? She is confused enough. Thank goodness I doubt she will take your suggestion seriously.

I feel people feel like they can talk to me and watch me but someone else is saying all these comments. And this girl wants to hurt me but I don’t know why. I will try anything to get better.

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I never said anything racist to them it is someone else. And they try to hurt my mind speaking really crude language.

You should hire a psychiatrist instead.


go to your pdoc and tell him honestly what you are telling us…you need help.