I want to help people with their health

I had a dream last night that I was told I could help people. There were some people doing distracting things with parties and social games etc. It felt kind of like an epiphany but Im scared to say that word now…because i cant talk about it. Ok, so how can i help people? hmmm well Im going to work on myself for now, and eventually I will be able to help merely by being myself… I dont know. but i hope that being sensitive doesnt destroy me, or caring…too much…


You have a wealth of experience you can share. Tap into that and be yourself like you say

Dreams are funny things.

If it spurs you onto wanting to help other people, that’s not a bad thing at all!

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yes so true. I am considering increasng the medicine i am on nd i have an appiontment coming up in just a month not three months. I was so manic that my therapist was so worried she called my psychiatrist and she is my addiction therapist…so it was that bad…

I was manic and didn’t even see it or have insight. I took twice as much medication last night to try and counter that, but prob not a great idea so I may have to start Aristada again but im scared to…

Even though I know its helping, and gives me calm and peaceful dreams. Because I have better sleep and think better on the medicatioon and my subjective world does not overpower my own personal experiences.

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Maybe you can help people,

But not because of a dream.

Dreams are nonsense.

I once had a dream that tiny zoo animals burst in my house and started licking my furniture.

It means nothing.


Ok… my therapist described schizophrenia like a shroom trip…lots of people seem to be using shrooms lately too…not good…

I use shrooms and schizophrenia is nothing like it.

I don’t know why your therapist would make that connection.


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I have never used mushrooms. Its not like that? I am afraid if I used mushrooms that I would experience something fearful…or that because of my condition I would not handle the experiemnce?? She is a drug addiction counselor, not a psychiatrist.

She told me about her experience with shrooms. And you’re right its nothing like that. I have been taking vitamin supplements, Elderberry and Quinine, and its making me hallucinate.

I’ve found that the best way to help people is by working on getting stable. Then, you will have the energy and strength to help other people with their problems, and you will have some idea of what the road to recovery looks like.


Yeah, I don’t recommend you use them.

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What are you in drug counseling for?

You can volunteer somewhere. Volunteers are really appreciated because there’s such a need for them


marijuana abuse. It made me crazy!!!

I do too.

I think I give good advice.

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Schizophrenia is much more like an LSD trip than mushroom. Yes, I have tried both and I wouldn’t recommend either for you

Your dream seems insightful, and you strike me as someone who would be of great value to others who are struggling where you are now

You are right, by focussing on getting better yourself, you will be in the best possible position to help others

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I used shrooms, never had a shroom trip that resembled my delusions. Nowhere near as horrible.

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true they were completely different .

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