I want to go to gym

And exercise a lot to get fit


Same here. I want to be muscleman. I can’t get started.


I will start next week


I eat Jasmine rice before I exercise. It gives me a lot of energy.


What you want to achieve ? I like to have a nice body to look at. Maybe i get sex.

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I want to loose weight

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I get to turn my fat into muscles. I going to speak to the sportsspecialists at the gym.

Holy crap. I haven’t had sex in like 7 years.

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Me too, I’m focusing now on an English exam to get a certificate to keep going with my studies, but after that I want to do some exercise, I’m in a terrible shape :sob:

LS! For a year now I am exercising daily. At home I train on my Concept2 rower. And I have adjustable dumbbells, they are 32 LBS now. Two months ago I joined a gym. I exercise my core muscles. Abdominal crunch, seated breast press, lower back extension, hip abduction, hip adduction, leg extension. And I do some light cardio bicycling. I progressed a lot.

It’s really worth it and I think has a big affect on your mental health as well. I feel better, sleep less and I’m more motivated by doing regular daily exercise.

Ohhh.You’re not :sweat_smile::yum:

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I’m trying to do some exercise because of the benefits of it. Less anxiaty, better sleep

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