I want to get out of meds, help

Hello everyone I am new here, my name is Meg. I am diagnosed bipolar with psychosis after I had a psychotic episode from taking Lexapro (i was great on it until i became psychotic all of a sudden) . Since then I have not gone back to normal and have tried many meds, now taking Abilify for it.

The thing is, I am not sure if I still want to take meds as they kill my brain (literally), I can’t concentrate nor have will to do anything anymore, just feel sleepy and depressed all the time… My (or rather, some) intrusive thouhgts and such are at bay but when I go out I still feel everyone is talking about me and rreading my thoughts, or someone is watching/following me which makes me have panic attacks.… Before this I was still having my mind read but no panic attacks and overall I was very good, active and happy. I Want to go back to how i was. I’ve talked to my doctor about this but he is insistent on keeping treatment as it is. And he says if I stop I will be hospitalized to keep me on line. My family agrees with it as they want me out and are unsupportive. I am diagnosed OCD and PTSD also and medicated for it and these conditions are worse also. I am thinking about stopping taking meds for good. I feel the meds are doing this to me. Since I 1st took meds for my OCD I have been a trainwreck… I need help. What should I do?? I am not allowed to change psychiatrists as this is the 3rd one and my family is sick of me changing. =Thanks for any advices


First, welcome to the forum! You may want to tell your psychiatrist that the medications are not working for you, describe your symptoms, and ask for a medication (s) change. You said that even before taking medications you felt that people were reading your mind, so that’s why I recommend a med change instead of going off meds completely. Everyone is unique, so finding meds that work for you is a process of trial and error.


Hello, thank you. i’ve talked to my psychaitrist and sadly he insists on these meds, only increasing dosages here and there and such. Before the meds people read my mind too but otherwise i felt better, which is why I am tempted to stop… I will see if my psychiatrists changes his mind… Hope it works, thanks again!

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