İ want to get chipped

İ want to get chip technology at my brain because i have horrible prefrontal cortex.i know it because all functions related to that part of brain horrible at me.hopefully that chip technology save my life and career on it technology

The first step I think you should take, is to commit to wearing a medical bracelet.

If that doesn’t provide you with a sense of security I think a chip isn’t going to either.

Contact your doctor and tell them you feel concerned that you might have a psychotic break and wander off somewhere, do you need a medical device like connected to cell phone towers and a staff waiting to help so people can find you etc.

I’m sorry I don’t think I read your comment clearly, I don’t know of chip technology that might help other then for people with seizures they sometimes give them a zap to reset the signalling in certain areas of the brain.

I do not believe that a chip at this time would be able to help you. I think you need to contact your doctor about your cognitive issues and ask for a medicine that helps alleviate your problem, if possible.

İ heard that you can learn lot of stuff with chip tech you can learn new languages new computer language lot of stuff.i m excited

If it helps you, there are programs on phones that can help you do a number of things like set reminders for medicine times and for appointment scheduling, as well as things that take what you say, and put them into typed text so you can send messages. People even write books this way, with most of the writing done through a dictation software and then they go back and edit it.

I think you should look into programs that would help you. As well as ask your doctor about help for cognitive problems.

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