I want to get ahead

I am at a stage now that I want to get ahead in life, to achieve, to accomplish fine goals etc. etc. and to be successful.

I guess educating myself is the best way to do it. anybody else here feel a strong urge to make a success of themselves and feel ready to start?

I don’t care if they laugh at me to do this at my age of 55. I believe it is never too late.


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I’m right there with you. Something happened to me about two years ago, not sure what, but all of a sudden, I started caring about stuff. I’m getting ready to go back to school in January.

Your not going to get laugh at for going back to school. The kid said that her classes are more adults getting new skills to go back into the work force. She has one class she says that there are only 5 kids near her age and everyone else is there do to having jobs off shored and downsized. So if you go back to school at 55 you will not be alone.

If you ever do feel a little uneasy about being on campus all day. There are a lot of on-line classes from collages now that still count.

I am pessimistic about getting ahead. It doesn’t help that i struggle to think of future goals. I have been stuck at a level for decades. I wish you both success.


You’re right: it’s never too late!

And there are some very nice colleges and universities that are offering entire degree programs online. I actually took several of my general science and math classes online for my degree. It’s the way of the future. It’s becoming more popular and prestigious every day.

What do you think you’d like to go back to school for?



I would love to go back to collage, but i know i will fail all the classes. My memory is so poor that anything i read even if it is a short article, it just don’t stay in my memories. After reading an article if you asked me what was it about, i wouldn’t be able to tell you.

it is never to late to strive for goals , this guy in australia was doing i think two degrees and he was 94 , so good on you Judy and i say go for it.
take care

But you already have a head, how else would you be posting here if you didn’t?

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hi. thanks for your encouraging replies. I mean to educate myself by reading before I attempt school again. also I need to learn to “hear” better because while I can hear fine enough I cannot comprehend what I hear quickly enough on a sophisticated level. is this common with sz? anybody else here find that listening and understanding is difficult? why is this so?


i have looked into online classes but the only online degrees that some community colleges offer are very few. near me its mostly buisness type or electronics. like a certificate you know. or a degree in education. like for a teacher. so idk.

i find it very hard to read , write and comprehend instruction, and it is harder when i am tired.
but i do not think it is the voices or all the demons i see and everything else , it is a separate thing from that .
take care