I want to form a metal band 🤘

I am not good at playing very fast riffs on my guitar.

But I can come up with some pretty decent grooves. I like to play more of the groove/sludgy/stoner doom type metal on my axe.

What I can’t do on guitar I make up for with lyrics though.

This is Montezuma’s message of the day,

              Please carry on.

:laughing: :wink: :v:


wtg @Montezuma that sounds so cool…I wish I could hear you…I can’t thrash but I do play Sanitarium by Mettalica…does that count? haha rock on fair brother.


If I recall correctly that’s a pretty fast/complex track!

Thank you for the enouragement @jukebox. :slight_smile:

One of these days I’ll save up for a decent drum machine and record something presentable haha.

Take care brother :v:

PS - Were you ever able to get an electric guitar?

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@Montezuma no currently I am supporting both Angie the dogs and myself on my lonely disability check…hope to get a Les Paul some day.


I understand @jukebox. :pray: that one day you’ll be able to get a nice, Les Paul.


Here you go!



Hah go for it man… I know a lot of friends who are almost only fulfilled with life due to music…

It takes a helluva lot of work from the looks of it… But those guys work on it every day almost…

Takes practice practice practice… When I do get around to playing the guitar I often do get lost in it… Then I suddenly realize how dry my mouth is and realize I have to stop…

I mean I can only do exclusively free form stuff… I was working on building more stable patterns but I gave my equipment to my bro during my move… He’s more experienced than I am and lacked a guitar


LOL! @ninjastar :smile: eh…there’s not an evil looking skull on it though. I’ll pass! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, my bad. Here!



Thank you @Azley.

I was in a band when I was in the service. So I have some limited knowledge on staying on beat. Staying within time signatures etc.

That’s the main reason I want to get a drum machine, well 2 reasons really. 1. To learn better to play over a beat and 2. record my own stuff.

Keep at it though!


That’s better!! :smile:

15 Heavy Characters :metal: 15


Yeah man rythym is a big one… I’ve talked with my musician friends a lot and seen way too many of their shows…

There is a tendency for bands to get synced and then have a sort of runaway speeding up process… It’s neat though because it really shows that unified synergy… Almost none of them are aware of the pace because its still fitting in with the expectation of the sound and being timed to the other instruments…

A key principle is not letting that happened… And it is indeed supposed to be the responsibility of the drummer to keep pace for the whole band…

I know they all frankly just like going at it either way


Exactly. Some bands have like this almost creepy yet awesome synergy to them.

Like their chemistry/and timing is just impeccable.

I was watching this documentary on a band, Fugazi, and one of the band members said that the band was so in tune with each other that 1 member alone could give off a physical cue about what song they wanted to play.

Then the rest of the band follows that cue.


Yeah man… That subtlety in communication is really cool and can actually exist in a lot of places in life…

However I’ve found people don’t like having that much attention paid to them…

I just pay attention to everything… It’s what I do… It’s how I’m built… It’s not always fun… But I really do like finding people who can correspond with that kind of same page type disposition… Most everyone else annoys me because their minds just seem all over the place.

It’s like the office joke when dwight is going on about how parents of a kid develop telepathic communication… And Jim and Pam know they just like playing the game of cues.


Is it cool if I PM you sometime in the near future?

Just to continue our chat, and talk about music and stuff like that.

I usually ask ahead of time.


Sure man. I have no qualms with PMs… I usually keep up with them pretty well.


I hear the Beatles are looking for a new lead guitarist. . Maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. This could be your big break.


LOL. God if only I was even worthy enough to be in the same room as the Beatles.


New drum machines can be pretty pricey, but used ones that are still pretty good can be had for super good prices. If it doesn’t come with a manual, most can be downloaded for free on the net.
If you can find people to play with and a place to jam, starting a band would be super cool. But even doing your own thing with a drum machine will help you improve. These days, it’s pretty easy to just use your computer for recording and even a free drum program could probably be easily found.

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Ya, computers are kinda where it’s at in regards to recording.

I think there is some black-metal dude who recorded his whole album by himself.

That would be rad/to go for a kinda low-fi vibe with it.

But forming a band would be ideal.

Thank you for the ideas @eighteyedspy23. :v: