I want to feel purpose again

I want to feel like I have a role in the world. After my fpe, my life has felt meaningless. I feel like before, I lived in false narratives about myself, but those narratives got destroyed during psychosis. It’s difficult to explain exactly what happened to me. I think, if I had some meaning, and I could make some sort of contribution to the world, it would help me recover.


The only time I felt I had a purpose in life was when I was working. I quit my last job April 2020. I don’t think I can work now on my current meds. Maybe Vraylar, a new med here, will help. Its being reviewed by Health Canada, I hope it will be approved.

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I think I thought I had some sort of secret purpose. At least, that idea must have infiltrated my psyche at some point, but at the same time my life has always felt meaningless.

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i have a few things giving some meaning to my life but not altogether a strong drive to accomplish etc.

part of some small purpose in my life is fighting the battle of sz and trying to overcome the disease part.

i think we contribute a whole lot to modern medicine and more with our doing loving things despite it all.


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Maybe find your own personal meaning. Like what do you enjoy to do.
Do you want to make a positive difference to the world when you leave it.

Stuff like that

Or just whatever feels right for you


I’m struggling to find my purpose in life as well. I used to think it was in producing music but I gave up on being a producer and I can’t really play the guitar yet. I’m learning tho.


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