I want to fall I love

I have been thinking of falling in love,I want to have a relationship.I need to change my life so that I get more relationship chances

i think many of us feel that way gtx. it ain’t easy when you have sz i believe.

good luck to you. judy

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I believe Love is never easy for anyone,even without mental illness,it’s not easy for schizophrenic also

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That’s what I want, but I don’t think it is going to happen for me. I’m too old, and what I want is better than what I deserve.

if u watch a horror movie all the time.u will get one

After getting out of one, I find I enjoy the freedom of being single way more, because I’m also too free spirited currently to be in a relationship.

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Just be careful man… it aint all fun. You’ll find new highs and new lows while in love.


You never know you may be surprised and meet someone you fancy
I find keeping busy helps
I go gym and do volunteer work and college
I don’t have partner but there is hope