I want to escape

I want to run away to the woods and chop my own wood and make a nice fire, i think i would like the isolation but idk if i could live with myself


It sounds good until you realize you’re too isolated and can’t browse the cheese selection at the market. What good is a crackling fire without some nice sparkling juice and some excellent aged cheddar?


i’m not mad on eating cheese anyway and i think i can do without a lot of the things people eat these days.

I can make some wine and have a few fruit trees and berry bushes planted and plant some veg. chop some wood for the stove and i think i could make some really nice healthy pizza with natural ingredients or something that doesnt need cheese

need my meds but

I just want to get away from everything and be alone in safety but also maybe not on my own because i dont think i would get along with myself very well

Have fun battling the wildlife for your food supply. You’d better have a lot of money for netting and fencing.

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Have fun. I’ve been doing it all my life. It never gets any easier. Your back will burn and your arms will discern. Not fun. But some of us are born into it.


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i doubt its as hard as you say

chop wood for the stove and fire
grow my own food and drink from the river and catch fish

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