I want to do it all the time

i just want to sleep forever.


sometimes I feel that way too. Deoge went to sleep forever.

I feel that way sometimes

Sorry to hear that @Jinx, but i do know what you mean. When my depression is bad, i dont get out of bed.

There have been times when I was coming off ephedrine that I slept about thirty hours straight. That can be soothing to your soul, as long as you don’t have any important obligations.

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Woud love it… I like sleeping a lot, when i wake up the whole day begins and often i don’t know what to do, and makes me feel vulnerable. Highlight of my day is when I am going to bed, so I am not bothered by the illness and the delusions that run my day, most of the day. Even though the meds are helping, the shellshock of the psychosis is still there. Sometimes I never leave my chair or don’t want to. It is good weather over here but not feeling to go outside, because I know the delusions of reference will come up. Meds calmed it for about 70%, but it’s not cured. Feel a shell over my former self.

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At some point I used to sleep 12-14 hours at the most, but I get back pain if I lay too long, so it wasn’t worth sleeping any longer.