I want to disappear

My whole life is ruined now

Why is it ruined

i cant get the threats off my criminal record

Oh dang that blows but it doesn’t mean your life is ruined

Why do you think that

You can focus on your mental health so you don’t do something like that again and probably future people will write it off as teenage angst.


I want to do it again though :frowning:

Well that’s on you.

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Sometimes i m thinking my life is really failed.but later i m thinking that everything is better than nothing.i m fine as long as live.be patient everything going to be ok

Do you feel your threats are part of your personality? Or do you think you are in unusual circumstances that cause anger? I don’t think innocent people should feel like they should disappear. It’s probably just going to be difficult to find a normal environment to deal with.

It’s a juvenile record, no one will care about it when you’re an adult. Take it from someone who was much more “known to police” as a teen than you are so far.



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