I want to cry 😢

I came into the kitchen to RELAX. My aunt made a drink for herself and now she’s SLURING HER DRINK VERY LOUDLY I WANT TO SHOUT BUT IM CONTROLLING MYSELF. IT TAKES WILLPOWER :frowning::cold_sweat:

I decided to go to the living room I can hear it even though I’m trying to drown out the noise with tv.

When are you going back on abilify? You might just be having a bad day but sensitivity to environment if it continues could be a warning sign…

It’s been happening on and off … does that happen before psychosis. I need to tell GP tomorrow. I have app. Will try ask them to prescribe it without the pdoc letter

If it’s constant then yes, it could be an early warning.

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I don’t even know if I’m manic… I might have schizophrenia why the f did I stop the antipsychotic :rage:

@anon80629714 - have you ever tried seroquel? In my lay persons experience I think it might help you more than abilify. In lower doses it can help even things out.


Yes I used to be on 50mg to help sleep but didn’t want to be on a lot of meds and I ended up not needing it. But I can ask. :slight_smile: thank you

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Just avoid triggering situations I guess :frowning: