I want to Create a “Recycled Medicine Bank”

I would like to or wish there was a way that myself or someone could open or create a business or service that when someone had old meds or leftover meds (LEGIT MEDS!! PRESCRIBED MEDS!!) they could turn them into a SAFE SECURE place or drop box. (Similar to the disposal of syringes or needles). So when people with mental illness OR ANY sickness who can’t get their refill who has a previous/current Rx, who can not get to the doctor can get SOME temporary help…
IT might sound unclear as you read it on here but if if you keep an open mind and think about it it would actually help a lot of people make it then extra couple of days.::
I’m not talking about helping, pill junkies, pain pill poppers, users and abusers either.
My meds have been switched so many times. I have all kinds just laying around. Doc writes me a 30 day script I take for 2 week I go back … I say this ■■■■ don’t work and he ups it… I’m stuck with the old ■■■■ that don’t work…Many of my associates, we have an abundance of meds that we throw away that we have never opened because the drug store won’t take it back… and I’m talking Rx meds from A to Z… JUST A THOUGHT … I’m sure it would help a lot of people

I see what you mean. It’s a nice idea :slight_smile:

Its a great Idea, but would face the problem of them expiring, are the pills really the right one, sadly we live in a world everyone can’t be trusted

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Not to mention the ■■■■ that I’m supposed to take in full but I pop in half lol or the stuff that I don’t take as prescribed… I have SO MUCH Seroquel it ain’t even funny. I’ve been taking it for 1 1/2 years but it’s so strong I only take half. So one month last me two months… you do the month .: I know I’m not the only one

Ahaa!! But There is a solution to every problem my friend!! Just got to figure it out lol

I’m pretty sure this is illegal in at least a dozen different ways.

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Do u play golf?

You might be right and I see your doubt. However, There are exceptions to every rule and loopholes. It’s not what you do it’s how you do it.

Does put-put count ? Lol jk. I can, if need be.

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Yea but how’s your swing?

6 on a scale of 1-10

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The risk of pill expiry and mislabeled / potentially harmful pills is too great for it to be legal.

Your heart’s in the right place though.

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So I guess I’ll just advertise FREE RX DRUGS until the feds come knockin… lol jk

You guys are tearing down my plan !!! Lol it’s ok…,

Sounds like your one step closer to something great just maybe not recycling meds as there’s a ton of legal junk around that

It’s possible and I’m sending everyone an E-vite and a free sample as soon as y’all get up and running :running_man:t5: