I want to commit suicide 2

life is too much for me.
I want to go to sleep and not wake up again


Speaking of sleep, how’s your sleep been recently ?

Anyway, I hope you overcome this intrusive thought like you did in the past. You’re strong !!

I dont know if youre hearing voices.just do your best to ignore them. Go to er.

I’ve thought that before. I’ve heard other people say that. I don’t know if any of them tried to commit suicide.

Plz considered ur self… u are amazing person…i like u from any corner…

You will get through this

When i plan suicide i usually feel i wanna live at that moment.

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Life is too much for everyone not only for you or us here. Everyone is struggling in this world but there are some people who can overcome that easily while others would need longer time to heal, like us. Be strong because you were born to be strong. Try to visit a counsellor or a therapiest, or talk here. I was thinking of that until I visited some counsellors, they helped me a lot in the past, and I’m now helping people :slight_smile: Hopefully I can do some courses in the future to be a life couch or a counsellor! You can do that too. I have faith on you! :+1::+1::sparkles:

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@anon68148378 why did you post that?
I don’t agree with that stuff btw.
I didn’t choose to be born.

I feel better but feeling better doesn’t mean I’m functional.
It means I am able to calmly survive.


I confused about the word suic… About my posting I want to say in Hindu belif we first have to pay these three debt ( mother, father and teacher) . Than able to decide our own life.

I’m glad you feel better, I would miss you.

@anon68148378 in Judaism there is a commandment to respect your parents.
I don’t want to live.

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Don’t you think that this is intrusives.

@anon68148378 maybe but what can I do?
I may quit olanzapine and the intrusives may get worse.
In any case I get these intrusive despite olanzapine but I’m afraid they’ll go stronger once
I quit it.

I experienced that all intrusives didn’t seems to like intrusives. It looks like our own thoughts. But medication control it better. I have taken olanzapine not more than one year in a row. Psychiatric soon change it. But it other matter. I want to say to understand the intrusives you have to think what is necessary for me at this time and what I am thinking about this time. Very clear. Relate it with your necessity.

I’m glad you feeling better. If you ever feel like you might hurt yourself, please go to the hospital.

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