I want to cast a spell (triggering)

ubhgbgh bh hjv hv h ouhhnjh j ob o houbh u uo uo ub ou bjb bj b jb jkb j

George W.Bush (The Pet Goat)?

Please remember my warning about chasing the white rabbit.

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That will never work, you left out a hvj.

How come you want to cast a spell? Did love not set you free? :slight_smile:

I hate spells, witch craft, voodoo…

You mean like Bohemian Grove? Yeah pretty creepy stuff, but no worries, what is done in the darkness will someday be brought to the light.

“For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” - Luke 8:17

This is creepy to me, being I have thoughtbroadcasting and don’t want other people’s minds talking to me. As a image a psychic would be into. Other people’s minds need to stay private.

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Sorry, God knows everything.

I believe that…

Then know this, He sees all the wrongs that are done against His people too. I hope you find that as comforting as I do?

I’m waiting for harvest time.

Me too. I need to be harvested ASAP

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This seemed to be furthering delusions and unhealthy behaviour. Locked for that reason.

(Wearing moderator hat)

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