I want to believe

That celebrities aren’t clones. Or famous people. Or my family. Or everyone in my high school class practically. Any help?

I can understand people wanting to clone Naomi Watts or that guy from Dexter, but your high-school classmates?? Sometimes you go too far.

I think the devil killed them because he wanted them to go to hell and had to bring a clone to not make it obvious they died.

I don’t think everyone in my high school class. But some of them. Mostly the ones I was closest to.

The devil doesn’t kill people, and he can’t just choose people at random and snatch them away. I suppose that’s where your North Korea delusion comes from.

No I feel like he chooses people like agents to do it for him but he does it at a time where the person’s soul is not in a good place so they go to hell.

I think it’s the government of some sort who wants to snatch me away.

Gross. No. One is too many.

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I like Mr. Squirrel’s picture with the nut. LoL.

Do you think there is any truth to the cloning?

Laugh out loud. Hahaha.

No. No truth. 151515151515

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