I want to believe in my child hood


i woke from a dream when i was young only to find i was not alone there was a guarden of the under world suited in armor in the prettiest colors of greenish blue. after eyeing him and he eyeing me. we talked,or tryed its was a grugleing sounds. the moon moved and he was gone. i fell back to sleep, only to be woken again by a bright light so powerful that it was hard to see. i felt hand seting me up and a voice in my head spoke , a connetic chamber of questions this higher power was asking then it all was gone and i was in the dark alone . i fell back a sleep to wake at 7. and had breakfast at my grandma’s house. to this day i remember. my child hood dream.


I had a waking dream once where I saw a spectral hand come out from under my bed. I still remember that to today. Hindsight is always a great thing and I was always a little different. Probably could be a pointer to the future for sure!


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