I want to be more independent but scared my benefits will stop

I’m in a predicament. I don’t like my group home but if I move and become more independent I want to travel. I’m scared without the support around me I will lose my social security benefits and I’ll be worse off like many people who have no support and they can’t access benefits. I know many people here (England) are losing their benefits because the system has become strict .

The thing is I feel like I’m wasting my life here but on the other hand if I don’t have any money coming in I won’t have a life because I’d never have any money to do anything with plus I will be lonely as I will never see anybody.

Would you stay put in a group home or live independently but never have any money?

Are you able to work? If so, maybe you could work your way up to a better paying position in the future. If you’re not able to work, and you think you’d lose your benefits by moving then maybe staying put is the best option. Do you need the support of a group home? If so, that’s another reason to stay put.


I don’t think I’ll be financial better off in work. I will only find basic entry level jobs and who would employ somebody with severe psychosis when unwell? If I got a job its hard to reinstate ones benefits.

I like the security of the group home, I like how its always lively and people around. I like its in a nice area close to town, its a nice town too. Some staff are good. Living here is also a passport to benefits because you have to meet a high fresh-hold to get funding from social services plus we have support to fill in forms and when a member of staff does it its seen as more reliable evidence. If I lived alone I won’t get the level of benefits I get now

What I don’t like is that its got a high staff turnover and we just had somebody move in who was very unsuitable and had to move out after 9 weeks as it was hell in those 9 weeks. We don’t know who we are getting next to fill the empty bedroom. To meet the criteria the people are becoming more severe to get funding.

I have always wanted to travel back to India. Its been 9 years since I went last. I feel like while I’m living in a group home and not moving on with my life I will never reach my goal and go back to India.

I don’t see why you can’t live in your group home where it is cheaper and save for a ticket to visit India on the side? Some people even work while living in a group home. It is just a place to go to sleep, you can go out all day right? Seems like it would help you to save money. Maybe move to a different group home or apply for low income housing. There are some pretty nice group homes out there. Just save $100 a month and in a year you can travel to India.

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Just teach yourself for free online and learn a skill. I would just stay there for now.

I have no confidence in my self especially since a psychologist Dx’ed me with a IQ of 69. This was 7 years ago and I have lost all faith in the ability of myself.


I doubt the validity of your iq test. You are able to express yourself very well. Most people with that iq would have a really difficult time typing all you typed. It’s well thought out and organized. That test was a farce.


Can you find a job while you are in a group home?

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