I want to be in community with the boys and girls


that gravitate towards the swing sets and the distant tends of the competitive sport field. I wan sing the song, “Hey, Hey Were The Monkeys” and be a part of this beautiful art. You spirits asked me all this long time this couple weeks, want I want, I want to be able to walk back where all the bad boys are, in the heart of all of this trauma, and I wan’t to find a way To love my bullies, and help them realize this human condition, and be a person that does not hold them to account for whatever reaction she or he did to me, I want fellowship with me devils, and Angeles, demons, gods, and goddess. Communion.

You cant eat unless you work.

See how far we will the machines of grace and good preaching sonic noise. Where are you my constant in the world. I am your enemy and you gentle and good reasons. I have no doubt. Why do you doubt any inch of this mess? Good that you do and find measure for your self.


It grieves me that your struggling matey. Or you seem to be. Doesn’t make sense to me but I miss a lot these days being medicated.

You lose a lot sometimes but you can get it back!


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