I want to be hardworking,but recently I am not lol

I had been pretty lazy recently,unwilling or in no mood to do my work.Some work which I am responsible to do I procrastinate sometime before I do.I think the reason is my injured ankle,I didn’t go workout intensely,didn’t join any meetup and injuring my ankle affected my mood.

Being hardworking is my most important value,but it seems recently I had kinda lost it…I need to get back to it,put in effort and work.

You might just need to rest up and let that ankle heal.

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ACT teaches that if you have values (such as hard work), you follow them and don’t let the “bus passengers” of, for example, “not feeling like it”, decide where you’re turning. Basically you are the driver of the bus, and if you value hard work, then don’t give into the bus passengers.

Hope that helped :smile:


@bridgecomet,yes been resting

@Bluey yea,thanks will try to get back and work hard!

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I think being hard working is the single most important trait for success.

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GTX1990, don’t be so hard on yourself, take a rest for your ankle. I guess your are a self-disciplining person.