I want to be evil just for one day

…and beat the whole world in ping pong.



I thought this was a serious thread and I was gonna come try to persuade you away from that type of thinking.

Take care.


hallucinations are evil.

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but fantasies can be good thing.

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wanting to be evil for a day is not a good fantasy.

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Maybe i should go to bed and play surrender till i wake up.

atleast you still can sleep, i am getting short naps, wondering if i am getting enough sleep to live. get on medication will you?

Are you living on the sidewalk? Get meds to make you tired and have a good nights sleep.

I thought this was going to be “the purge” thread

I want to produce more plastic to get rich. And sell water overpriced to get even richer. An environmental criminal. And let the money i make rott in my pocket.

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