I want to be batman

I need alot of money and Bat :bat:


Batman is cool 666/999

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I’m Batman :crazy_face: :joy:


Being batman is grandiose?

No it’s responsible . You have to destroy all super villains

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Lol. Being batman is our duty

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You can reach me here

download (3)


I can get you a costume for halloween but I’m trying to become tony stark so I’ll be taking all the money I get to build a super suit. If you need me to fight superman I’ll come with a hulk buster.

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I only recognize Dean Winchester as Batman, sorry, lol. If you watch Supernatural you know which episode, or youtube “Dean is Batman” it’s a great clip if you want a good laugh.

Edit: just realized how hilarious this is as I’m a Joker sympathizer lol. But still stands, Dean Winchester is Batman and I’ll let him beat up Phoenix, but Ledger they gotta do it shirts off, lol and hand to hand as their character they are famous for.

I want my own symbiote. I’ll be Venom or maybe my own superhero called Chaos.

Man, wearing all that spandex, hanging around a 20 year old man, lots of violence and darkness.
I tell ya, that guy was into some weird sh*t.

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You need a batmobile!


Fine, you can be Batman.

I want to be Swamp Thing!!!

I,ll be batman but as long as robert pattinson doesn’t play me in the films i dont think batman like to be played by a sparkly Vampire

I guess I call Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad or Poison Ivy after they got together. I do not accept Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy! Lol

He actually is looking pretty good in the part. I forced myself thru the Twilight movies with my younger sister back when they were all in rage, but I honestly hated them. And I finished the first book and cried cause I think my kids at not yet Kindergarten age could write better. Lol.

But I think Patterson for playing a year 2 Batman is doing good. And he’s got some good independent films to his name, guy also talks ■■■■ about Twilight movies every chance he gets. Lol.

Av never actually watched him in any other films so he could be an Oscars winner in the making i should give him a chance , but the poor guy will always be associated twilight i bet he wishes he never play Edward and writing is so poor but its made every teen girl want to get popular by reading the books and watching the films

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If you like weird kinda horror The Lighthouse is one I think he got some award for last year, not Oscar, but I think William Defoe is in it with him.

It’s free on Amazon Prime, it’s in black and white. I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s on my list. Guy has some range. I just for the life of me can’t remember the names of what else I’ve seen him in. Feel bad he’s stuck for the Twilight as big break, but dude has ■■■■ you money from it, lol.

He’s even ripping on the new book of the series that came out, oh I’ve been dying watching interviews of being asked if he’ll reprise the role. He gives no ■■■■■■ it’s great.

He looked pretty badass in the teaser trailer for the new movie. Im definitely interested to see how he does, minus the sparkles.

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