I want to be a rock and roll historian

Go to school for journalism and or music something or the other. And become a rock n roll historian. My internship has made me realize I can never work a 9-5 but I want to have a career at some point. This is my new goal. I can’t fight my ambition. I wanna do something I love though. This seems like something I’d enjoy although not overly lucrative. Maybe I can research and write books “a look back at Jimi Hendrix now”…in the future. And go on radio shows and do gigs. Hmmm.


I could teach rock and roll history classes at universities.

I’ve also thought about going into music. I used to play the guitar but wasn’t passionate enough. I did it because it was cool. I feel like it’s too late for me. In my teenage years I had a fantasy of becoming a DJ :metal:

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Dj waterway it has a nice ring to it

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Yea ww be a dj like Paris Hilton!

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Just bought this book as my first reference for rock n roll history on an intimate basis