I want to be a coach, but medicines are a problem

I thought that it would be better to take the safe path of just studying English and become a translator, but I can’t feel I would do it for my entire life. I study a lot about relationships and pick up. It’s a matter that interests me more than anything. I watch many videos by Julien Blanc, Owen Cook, RSD Max and Felipe Marx. It’s all about relationships and pick up. I also like to talk about pick up (despite not being a master in pick up).
In order to be a dating coach, I have to learn how to pick up girls. I know how to approach girls, but I have a lot of flat affect, probably because of the antipsychotic that I take (aripiprazole). The flat affect ruins my game, because I have difficulties to be fun and express my feelings.

I’m not going to stop medicines cold turkey, but I’m thinking on stopping them in order to pursue my dreams.


That’s a really bad idea all round :frowning:

Why? Have you tested it before? What was your experience?


The only thing you’ll pick up if you come off meds will be a visit to the hospital.


You can’t say that for sure. Stop spreading fear. There are case of people who stopped medications and live what people call a normal life. It’s not a general rule, but exceptional people are not a general rule.


Discuss it with your doctor. The time I stopped taking meds after I had been somewhat stable for quite some time was probably the worst decision of my life.
After realizing I needed my meds and that it was a life-long commitment, I’m very lucky to have stabilized enough that I have a very good life now.


Yeah, I’ll discuss it with my doctor, but he probably will insist on me taking my meds. I want to stop them. Maybe I need to change pdoc.

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I think the videos you post are interesting. I did get off my meds a couple of years ago. I couldn’t complete a sentence or comprehend anything for a year. My functioning was around a 10 on a scale to 1-100. I’m still battling issues I face because I went off my meds.


Or maybe you need to accept that you are more likely to be one of those people who need to be on meds for at least a long time.

Switching pdoc won’t help.

But maybe you can tell them how inhibited you feel on your meds, and ask for a change?


Any medications will bring me side effects. I think the unique way to know if I need the medicines or not is by stopping taking medicines.

I went from 20mg of aripiprazole to 15mg and got pretty stable. I have an appointment with my pdoc next week. I will ask him to reduce to 10mg. He’ll probably try to convince me to keep 15mg, but I’ll insist on 10mg.

Changing doctors is important to gather new ideas. I changed my pdoc once and the last one told me to meditate and do physical exercises in order to manage depression, while the first pdoc just wanted me to take more antidepressants and chemical ■■■■.

But not all meds have the same side-effects.

It’s not spreading fear when people tell you that going off your meds most likely won’t end well, it’s a fact.
Most people who go off their meds end up feeling fine for a little while, until they start to deteriorate, only to end up needing way more meds to be stable than they did initially.


Most people? From those people who have schizophrenia that I know, 2 went off of medicines and got stable while one got unstable. Do you know any studies about people who got off of medicines?

Not off the top of my head, no. But I’ve heard plenty of anecdotes, and psychiatrists advice against it for that reason.

How do you know they got stable? Did they say so themselves, or did you see them being stable? And how long after they quit meds was that?

It could be they just didn’t realise they were relapsing and told you they were fine. Or that you saw them too soon after they quit meds, for the meds to have properly cleared the system.

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Only a pdoc can really comment on your specific situation. Seek medical advice.

I can ask you the same questions about those who didn’t make it. How do you know they were able to deal with their emotional issues after stopping medications? Even if you want to stop medications, you need to be prepared to do so.

When I say I want to stop medication, it’s not in a manner that I wouldn’t be aware of my emotional, mental and even physical issues. If I stop medication and I don’t even know how to deal with my emotions, I will probably relapse again.

I’m seeking medical advice. I’m looking a new psychiatrist that isn’t buried in this idea that we need just to take medicines. I want an open-minded pdoc.

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Good idea! @DelusionalSoldier

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