I want to be a billionare

i havent even finished high school but i want money now i need to be rich so i can buy stuff to make me happy, i will buy pure cbd oil for myself and use that as my meds and i will start my own farm in a legal state and grow high cbd hemp and make my own company so i wont be spending a bunch of money buying it from someone else i can have my own product that is lab tested to ensure purity and strength
and once i am rich than maybe i will have better success finding a girlfriend,
almost any problem can be fixed by money and i have alot of problems



when I am a billionare I will buy you a toilet made of solid gold


I would like to be a billionaire as well.

To some countries, millions are enough, but to some other countries, even billions may not be enough. For example, Rupiah.

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How again will you become a billionaire if you can’t get it the “Old fashioned way?” (Inherit it)

Solid gold? Better reinforce the floor under it lol.

I would be happy just being a millionaire.

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this is so sad 1515