I want to adopt her

This kitty is up for adoption. She is indoor only cat cos she’s deaf. I want to meet her need to set a date.


Adopt her asap …she looks lovely …!!!

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cats are great companions. You don’t adopt them. They adopt you.

If I ever get any money I’m rescueing cats professionally. I love the furry little critters and I’m on a cat ceiling here. My lovely girl Charlie is 17 years old and I have my sisters cat Chloe with us as well. They won’t let me have any more here and that sux.

I’d love a kitten again…but can’t get one till Charlie passes…She likes to be the number one cat that one!


That’s a beautiful cat @anon80629714. :slightly_smiling_face:


What a sweetums. I love when those fluffy felines lay right in the middle of your legs in bed especially when there is tons of room elsewhere.

my RooRoo hound likes to eat cats so I can’t have any indoor cats…I feed a few outside every day and one comes up to me…I pet it like crazy…I agree with @rogueone I would love to have a sanctuary for cats and dogs…