I want my dopamine back

I’m tired of taking meds. I want to smile again and laugh and have fun again. I used to be such a happy person. These meds are annoying. I can’t believe I have to take them for the rest of my life. That’s a long time, well presumably. Sigh.


I am frustrated too. Meds for life?
I don’t want to believe it.

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The med I took the longest was Geodon. After about a year smiling and fun all started coming back. I took it another year and then it stopped working and all that time I was on the highest dose so I couldn’t take more. Anyway my point is after the same dose for a year my personality started coming back. At 2 years I was my old self.

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I know how you feel. I wish the same thing!!!

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I miss being happy


I know.

People around me and doctors are saying easily…“why are you always withdrawing?” But the meds are so so difficult to take! I dont think doctors acknowledge this enough.

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My brother doesn’t get it.
He’s always telling me that I shouldn’t withdraw or I should do more activities.

It’s really difficult to feel pleasure and be spontaneous on these meds.

You are right, doctors don’t acknowledge this enough.


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